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“ What we got here is a failure to communicate. ”
- Cool Hand Luke

Hello, thank you for dropping by! :)

I’m Gary and I’m here to help you with your ‘on-camera’ social platform performance, and to help prepare you for such a time when you present in person on stage, or around the board table.

Our mission will be to allow your unique voice, who you are to carry your message to your audience with urgency and clarity.

The key to note here is that you will always be more compelling than your message, and your message will be compelling because it will come from your humanity and be felt viscerally by your audience before it is understood intellectually.

The foundation of my coaching is this, ‘an ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words.’ Do I believe you? Do I trust you?

About Me and our approach

Feel free to click on the video link to learn about the work we can do together. You can browse around the toolbar for any other information if you feel inclined to learn more about me.

I have considerable experience working on camera and on stage as an actor so I know the concerns you might have about presenting effectively in either medium. I also know what skills to employ to address those concerns and enhance your performance.

I've blended a 25 year career as a stage/tv/film actor, and 18 years expertise as a behavioral based Executive Performance Coach into a hybrid Public Speaking coaching program.

I teach simple behaviors actors use to allow you to find the urgency in your message, the need to communicate it, and how to cope with anxiety to avoid distracting gestures during delivery.

When I audition I might have a day’s notice to learn 3-5+ pages of dialogue. The moment I walk in the room the director and producer want to see an actor with a professional demeanor and the chops to deliver a scene honestly. The camera will catch you “in your head” and not present, nervous, or inauthentic. And when I step on set at to play a scene that might cost $10k/hr, I have to deliver a truthful performance, because the audience is keen to spot a fake

The steps I go through weekly prepping for an audition or a role I book are the very steps I coach my clients to, to manage any challenges that can impede their delivery. Or just to get from good-to-great in their effectiveness.

Reach out to me if you feel I can be of help or just to chat to see if we are a fit.


"Gary’s intuition and gentle guidance helped me to unpack a lifetime of mental roadblocks that showed up as anxiety with public speaking. The breathing techniques, posture, and speaking methodologies he taught me have served me well beyond the on-camera work. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary’s services."

- Vanessa Bogaert, Director Corporate Communications & Investor Relation

"As both a Facilitator and Coach, I've witnessed Gary consistently provide keen pieces of insight that alter the outcome for his clients, leading them too much greater success. He listens and will adjust to the particular needs of any room or participant he may be working with. Also, he will always bring a sense of humor with him, which makes any interaction not only effective but fun and safe, leading to greater retention and implementation."

- Justina Szecsi Communications Coach/Learning Designer/Facilitator

"Working with Gary has been a wonderful experience. As a public speaker he has helped me prepare more thoroughly before a speaking engagement. He uses methods he learned as an actor that are unique and that I had not previously been exposed to. Gary's real world experience compliments his coaching and teaching perfectly. His approach is always energizing and certainly not dull! I think that everyone can find a practical take-away from Gary every time they meet."

- Brian Brennan - Max Potential "Helping CEOs solve the leadership puzzle"

"I met Gary when he was facilitating an all-day training session on effective coaching, to a group of leaders within my organization. This all-day session included both large group lecture and discussion, as well as small group practical application workshops. Gary is a polished and highly engaging facilitator and trainer. As an attendee and participant I found Gary to have a healthy balance between being challenging, as well as nurturing and encouraging. He held participants accountable, while celebrating observed strengths and coaching to opportunities. As someone with almost two decades of coaching experience myself, I was somewhat skeptical that I would gain anything from Gary’s training session. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong in my assumption, as I found much value in Gary’s training and guidance. Gary has the presentation ability that energizes and engages attendees, and makes them want to participate. He makes a sincere connection with his audience, and demonstrates being present, humble and human. I’ve participated in hundreds of these kinds of training sessions over the years. Gary’s training session certainly stands out as one of the best I’ve experienced."

- Dave Kepper - Business banking Consultant at US Bank.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Gary across two coaching companies; direct, one-on-one, live coaching in one, and thoughtful, written performance evaluations with actionable coaching notes in the other. Either one of these coaching methods requires tremendous skill and sensitivity. Gary is a master of both. In written coaching and metric-based performance evaluation, Gary is motivational and clear and provides succinct and powerful feedback. When working live, Gary's ability to adapt to everyone from the most senior industry leaders to a new hires who are learning the ropes is unmatched. He is an exceptionally empathetic listener and improviser who hears beyond the words. This allows him to bring to life the nuances of human interaction to provide challenging, realistic roleplays and transformative coaching experiences. Whether looking to master a process, find or refine your leadership voice and style, or drive better engagement and sales, Gary takes the journey with you and leaves you empowered to succeed."

- Sarah Bezanson - kidney donor and curious mind.

"I had not given a speech in many years and so when the opportunity to give the keynote address at a large conference in Las Vegas appeared, I jumped at it. I wrote the speech, added in all the obligatory bits of humor and polished my visuals. However, when it came time to practice my delivery, something was very much amiss. My brain scrambled, my palms sweat, and my heart palpitated. What used to come naturally to me, now terrified me. Fortunately, I had the smarts to engage Gary Brennan rather than battle through it on my own. Through a series of exercises, coaching sessions, and encouragement, he helped calm my mind and my nerves. And trust me when I say that on the day of the conference, I used everything he taught me! The speech went off without a hitch and 5* reviews – which lead to additional speaking engagements. While I am sure there are other coaches that do this kind of work, I found the way that Gary does it – with empathy, reassurance and patience – made all the difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Gary for help again and I encourage you to do the same!"

- Sharon Oatway - Verequest President & Chief Experience Officer | Author + Speaker | Helping companies and employees drive superior results

"Gary possesses a keen insight into the moment. His observational skills are matched by an ability to place a connective button on those observations and create a targeted "a-hah!" moment. He is, without a doubt, the most compassionate coach that I have encountered. His humanity and integrity win him the respect of the room - an impressive skill at the best of times, but particularly so when delivering the message of change. If I were choosing a dream team - Gary would be on it!"

- Wendy Anderson - Training and Facilitation Specialist

"Gary has a knack to put people at ease in the first few minutes of leading his sessions. When working with a group, he is generous at listening and adapting to the needs of his participants. He also uses effective imagery to lift the material and make it accessible. Gary's participants feel safe which is how their learning improves quickly.

-Amelie Lefebvre - Learning Zone Instructor

"It's been my pleasure to work with Gary for the last 10 years. He is an excellent coach, with a deep commitment to building the skills and confidence of his clients. He has a lively, creative approach to connecting the dots which brings you to those satisfying a-ha moments that lead to lasting improvement."

-Kira Callahan - SALES AND CONFIDENCE COACH. Helping Financial Advisors master sales conversations so you nail them when it counts.

"Gary's talent is to get right to the heart of the matter. He asks the right questions in just the right way for the learner to see the core opportunity and therefore his process is about the other person. Gary is also talented in using story telling as a powerful leadership tool for engaging others."

Joel Silverstone - Senior professional Facilitator and Coach - The Great Canadian Training and Consulting Company

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