“ Like anything worth writing, it came inexplicably and without method ”
- Stranger Than Fiction
TV Comedy

A Recipe for Disaster

An edgy, sexy, half hour comedy in which a risk-taking, ex-con stock broker stripped of his license is blackmailed to work as a high society catering chef for a client until he repays her the money he lost in a Ponzi scheme.

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Suspense Drama

Illegal Tender

Head Hunter Charlie Rhodes becomes the unknowing mule for his firm's secret sex trade cell. Rhodes sobering realization leads him deep into a ruthless world of commerce where lives put you in the black or red. If red, then dead!

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Suspense Drama

The Convent

A priest returns from the battlefields of Europe to find the war has followed him home.

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Stageplay Comedy


A writer grieving the loss of his wife battles writer's block, and finds unlikely inspiration from a stranger with a secret of her own who's been double-booked into the same remote cottage. What happens when refuge is no longer a place to hide?

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Political Suspense TV Series

Crisis Actor

Crisis Actor is a dark, political suspense drama TV series in which a kidnapped actress wakes up in hospital with amnesia, and tricked into believing she is the Prime Minister of a poor Caribbean island dictatorship. She soon learns her ‘colleagues’ are not who they seem, and she must choose to either plot her escape, or play a treacherous game of deception to fight for the people on the island.

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